How to promote your Business or services on Facebook without spending a single penny?

Are you planning to start your business from scratch? And you want to promote your business online through social media? But, worried about the budget?

Keep your worries aside!!

With this article, I will tell you how you can promote your business through Facebook without spending a single rupee.
Facebook Business Page

When you want to promote your business on Facebook, you’re going to put your business in front of 1.13 billion active users every day and more. Adding to its total population is equal to that of Germany. So, there are a lot of opportunities to promote your business, which is not limited to a particular region, but you have a chance to get famous globally. If you want to know more about Facebook business page; then visit Facebook Customer Support Team for relevant answers.

If we talk about its popularity, I guess it doesn’t need any introduction. If you are still thinking to promote your business on this social media giant- I wonder, what you are waiting for? I don’t think any place on the earth can give so much facility to promote your brand without any cost.

Getting started with Facebook doesn’t require any rocket science- anybody can create a page and start their marketing campaign at any point in time. So’ don’t wait, kick start your campaign right now!!

If you’re still confused, I am here to help you!!

Here we go!!

How to promote your business for free?
If you’re beginner; then you should go through this guide and apply these techniques to promote your brand through your favorite social media platform- none other than Facebook. So all you need is a creative business page on Facebook, a highly active group and huge followers in the personal profile.
Facebook Business Page

1.     Create your Facebook business page
So are you all set to step into the Facebook world to promote your business? If I am not wrong, you must be using Facebook for your personal use, but today we will talk about how to get start marketing campaign through it. In case, you are unable to customize your Facebook page; then it is better you email your problem to experts via Facebook help Center.

The First thing that you need is a Facebook business page to promote your business. You can do it from your personal profile directly.

  •  Look for “Create a Page” option and click it and further follow the instruction and fill the form with the required information.
  • After that, select your business category, whether it is Local, Brand or Product, or Artist, Band or Public figure. It is necessary to provide your business details so that you will be easily recognized by people.
  • Once you have completed further adding company’s information and upload a cover photo (828*315) and logo to use as your profile picture (399*150).

You will be surprised with the fact that average users spend 55miutes per day on Facebook. Seeing these more than 80,000 websites are connected to it. You can also get profit out of it. Let me tell your friends and followers can be your marketing agent, who will tend to promote your business for free.
You need to be creative and expert in engaging people and drive them to know more about you.

2.     Create a group or join groups related to your service or brand

Do you wish to drive people to know about you without spending single coin?

Facebook groups are the key tool to promote business and get connected to people. Either you can join any popular groups relevant to your business and get engaged with the group members or you can make your own group and add people to it.

There are groups for every kind of business and people, as the growth in numbers of active users is enhancing every second. Joining a group has an advantage that you can address people who have a similar motive or looking for service or brand you’re offering.

In a survey done in 2016, one fact was revealed that on an average, every Facebook users have participated in at least 4 groups.

How to create a Group on Facebook?
  • Visit  Facebook Group Page and click on “create group” icon and follow the instruction and fill the form with the required information.
  • After you are done with creating group successfully, you are now all set to use it as your marketing weapon and hunt a maximum number of people by posting interesting videos, images, posts that catch people’s attention. Don’t forget to use hashtags while posting anything.

3.     Use your personal profile to promote your brand

Another marketing tool on Facebook is your own profile, which helps you to build and engage your current customers to take an interest in your business and brand. Your contacts on Facebook already trust, so you don't need to put many efforts to attract them. You just need to persuade them to take an interest in what you do.

How can you promote through your profile?
Invite your friends: Invite the people in your life and in your friend list to know more about your business, so that they can support you by liking it.
Share your Page in groups on your timeline and keep updating regularly “What’s New”?

So, this article has already made clear how you can use Facebook as a free Marketing tool and I know you are definitely going to use it for your brand promotion. For more details talk to the experts via Facebook help center chat.

 I will come back to you with another article with some latest marketing tips, till then fuel your efforts and rock your business!!


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